Privacy Policy

  • During signing up or use of any other ways of communication, you may be asked to grant access to information for example your email address as well as other data you agree to share. This action applies either directly or by granting access to your user account on social networks such as Facebook or Google+. This type of information and other Personally Identifiable Information you decide to provide, indirectly or directly, will be your ‘Information’, and is used to optimize and improve player experience. The same applies if you decide to participate testing activity and request to be a Beta Tester.

  • Access to your Information is limited only to the Giraffe Games Studio and its operational partners who help to provide and maintain our games, including displaying advertisements. Your Information will not be shared with anyone else or any other organization by Giraffe Games Studio. Unless approved by you, your Information will never be distributed or sold in any form or for any purpose.

  • The reason why Giraffe Games Studio may use your Information is to communicate with you as a Player, in order to improve and enhance the effectiveness of the play and ensure your best experience of the flow of our games. This applies to our games as well as related websites. For instance, we can update you on your and your friends’ actions within our games. That allows you to compare your performance and results in Leader / Achievement Boards. This also applies to Service Announcements, informing on-site or system outages, and maintenance issues so the Player is aware of the temporary issues. If you signed up to participate in being a Beta Tester, you may be prompted with additional messages with links to our internal-path test app release. As the Beta Tester, you will gain access to non-production releases and be requested to share with us your experience of the test game version.

  • Giraffe Games Studio may offer you the possibility to receive an email containing announcements about releases of our games, their features, and their new options. It applies to Giraffe Games Studio activities and its topics related to our games.

  • Cookies to track how and when customers visit the site may be used by Giraffe Games Studio websites. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies make web surfing easier by saving your passwords and other preferences for you. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and you will find most major websites use them. Cookies also help us to see which areas of the site are popular and which are not. We can then improve the site based on this information.

  • Data collection. The SDK collects encrypted data about the player’s score which is necessary to restore the latest accomplishments and continue gameplay from the very recent score number, which is stored on a mobile device located on the same path where the app is being installed. This data can be removed by the player using the Application’s Settings Menu -> Remove Data.

    Additionally due to the fact that SDK used third party game engine Unity including its SW packages following data is used. The SDK collects and shares an encrypted in transit data types such as: – approximate location – user’s personal identifiers – user’s purchase history – views and taps in the app – data on any other app activity – app diagnostics – data on the user’s device or other identifiers. The purpose are following: – advertising or marketing – analytics – app functionality – fraud prevention – security, and compliance. This information is based on the game engive SW Unity. For more information please refer to:

  • The content displayed on Giraffe Games Studio web may include links to other sites and Giraffe Games Studio is not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of such Web sites.

  • This Privacy Policy is sometimes updated by Giraffe Games Studio. Information about the revision will be updated and can be found under the section: Last Update.

  • Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy.

    Last Update: September 31, 2023