Smart Mouse

Be a Smart Mouse, collect cheese without getting caught by cats in a labyrinth full of wonders, surprises, and laughter. Are you ready for a mouse adventure full of surprises and laughter? The Smart Mouse is calling you to play in the mouse world! Enjoy and have fun at 100 levels!

This Smart Mouse is very curious about the world and wants to discover new places, tunnels, and labyrinth corners but in order to do so, Mouse has to eat a delicious cheese that opens up new labyrinths.

  • Double-tap the center of the joystick to shout at the cats and confuse them
  • Use bowls of milk or yarn balls to confuse the hungry cats who are just lurking to chase you.
  • Watch out for mouse traps by chasing cats into them using their recklessness and impulsiveness.
  • Collect and crunch delicious cheese to energize and cheer Smart Mouse.
  • The mouse is counting on you and needs your talent as well to deal with the dangers around every corner.The mouse will be happy and thankful for your help and good advice with joyful full belly dance.
  • Remember that in mouse holes you are safe and no cat can catch you.
  • Let the colorful butterflies take off to the sky from time to time so that cats will go crazy for a moment and you can pass them by unnoticed.
  • Use bonuses if needed to increase energy level or add a toy for a cat
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Smart Mouse Current Version 1.1.3